26 August 2011

First appointment confirmed

Dear A and D

Re: Appointments scheduled

Further to our telephone conversation, your appointments regarding the IVF programme will be held on Tuesday 6 September 2011.

23 August 2011

Making contact

Today I contacted the waiting list office to see if my blood test results had arrived and to make a consent appointment. We now have an appointment pencilled in for 6 September at 2pm.

19 August 2011

Day three

Today is day three of my cycle so I had the full screening blood tests done at the Medlab laboratory. It was very quick and painless!

14 August 2011

A letter arrives

Dear A and D

Re: Publicly Funded Fertility Treatment - IVF programme

Your names have now reached the top of the public funded waiting list. Please find enclosed an information booklet and guide to public funded treatment for you to look over. I have also enclosed a privacy consent form for D which is to be completed and returned in the envelope provided.