31 July 2013

On our way

Yesterday we went to see Dr C for an initial appointment before we start our next IVF cycle. It was very strange being back at the clinic. We both felt very nervous, presumably because we've had so much bad news there in the past. But Dr C was her usual friendly and encouraging self and she spoke to us very sympathetically about our experiences and where we go from here.

23 July 2013

A new book

Today a big envelope arrived from the clinic containing a couple of test forms, some consent forms for us to sign and a brand new edition of the information book all about IVF and other procedures. It is fantastic to see that this book has been overhauled since our last attempt. The last version was confusing and too clinical. I am looking forward to reading it carefully this evening.

22 July 2013

Appointment made

Today I spoke to Nurse E from the clinic and we have made an appointment for us to see Dr C next Tuesday afternoon. She told me to start taking folic acid again, so I've just been to the pharmacy to pick up some Elevit. It's wildly expensive, much more than folic acid on its own, but I like the idea of getting all the extra vitamins and minerals I need. I am now feeling very excited! It's nice to be at the starting this journey again, even if it will be a rollercoaster ride.

13 July 2013


Dear A and D

Re: Estimate for IVF treatment - short cycle

[clinic] is pleased to provide an estimate for short IVF cycle. Please note that this estimate is based on the cost of a short IVF cycle using a dose of 300iu Puregon for 12 days.

11 July 2013

Starting all over again

Today I rang the clinic and asked for an updated quote. Our bank account is looking particularly healthy after months of saving and we think we're not too far off being able to afford another round of IVF treatment.