25 May 2012

The winter's tuning up...

This morning we had our follow-up appointment at the clinic with Dr C. She was very considerate and sympathetic and spent a lot of time with us discussing our questions about the future. Our first question was whether the reason we hadn't had a successful outcome was because of a problem or simply because of seemingly random factors outside anyone's control.

03 May 2012


Having exhausted my patience, I rang the clinic back a few minutes ago to chase up the blood test result. Unfortunately it was negative. I am gutted. My hopes were so high. We have a follow-up appointment later this month at which we will discuss whether we try again. Of course I want to try again - but it is beginning to seem very pointless.

02 May 2012

Being patient

First thing this morning I went to my local medical centre for a blood test to see whether I am pregnant. The test form was marked "urgent" and the result was supposed to be available this afternoon.

01 May 2012


Dear A and D

We are writing to provide you with a summary of your last treatment cycle.