17 December 2014

Pre-operation assessment - and a change of plan

This morning I drove to the hospital in the city for my pre-operation assessment. First up was an ECG at the cardiology department. It went very smoothly. I am familiar with ECGs but I haven't had one in a while. The results showed nothing unexpected.

10 December 2014

A call from the hospital

Yesterday morning a lady from the booking department at the hospital rang me to let me know the date of my laparoscopy - 23 December - yes, two days before Christmas! I'm glad it will happen so soon, but I hope I can still eat my Christmas dinner with my family rather than spend the day in hospital. It is planned that I will be in for only one night, though. The surgery will be at a hospital near our home. I asked for more information, like what time I would need to report to the hospital, but I was told I would find that out later.