31 October 2014

Letter from Dr Mc

Dear A and D

It was really nice to see you both again today. We went through your most recent IVF cycle. Unfortunately we did not have success with the fresh embryo but we have one further remaining in the laboratory which is a good result.

30 October 2014

Review appointment

This morning we drove into the city for our review appointment with Dr Mc. He was 20 minutes late, which annoyed D a bit, but I think he had been held up unexpectedly.

22 October 2014

Letter from Dr Mc

Dear A and D

I am just following up having come back from the school holidays. I am sorry that you have not conceived but happy there is a frozen embryo and fingers crossed, touch wood, we will get some success there.

11 October 2014

Checking in

Yesterday Nurse S from the clinic rang to see how we were doing. I didn't have much to report. We're okay, really. I think we're putting all our hope into our last frozen embryo. We're looking forward to our review appointment in three weeks.

06 October 2014

The result

First thing this morning I went down to the lab and had my blood taken for the pregnancy test. It all went very smoothly and I was in and out within a few minutes.

05 October 2014


On Friday afternoon I started spotting. Just pink loo paper, nothing too much to worry about, but by last night it had turned into light bleeding. This morning I was sure something was wrong. I've had post-implantation bleeding before but this was bright red and more like a period.

03 October 2014

Checking in

This morning I got a call from S at the clinic's lab, just to see how everything is going and to wish us luck for Tuesday's test. I had no questions but it was nice of her to do that!