06 February 2016


Today REM's song "Low" feels just right. Sometimes I feel okay about not having children; it feels like life will go on and there will be other things.

09 December 2015

Letter from Dr Mc

Dear A and D

I really enjoyed our conversation today. Unfortunately we haven't had success with the most recent embryo. You have had a long period of treatment and we ran through a lot of things today. You are aware of your options going forward and at this stage have elected not to have further treatment.

23 November 2015

12 November 2015

The final transfer

This morning I drove into the city and picked D up from work and we went to the clinic to have our last frozen embryo transferred.

07 November 2015


This morning I had a very early start. I woke at 5am and left home at 6.30am to pick D up from the airport (he'd been in another city for a friend's father's funeral). Then we made our way to the clinic for an ultrasound at 8.40am. We were disappointed to discover that the parking directly outside the building has now been turned into a pedestrian/seating area! I'm glad we found out on a quiet Saturday morning.

27 October 2015

Day 1 ... for the last time

So it's my last ever day 1 (well, there will be others but I won't be counting them). This morning I'll call the clinic and start progynova and in a couple of weeks we'll transfer our last frostie. Frankly, I'm not hopeful. Chances feel so small right now. I think we'll be glad to finally move on with life, whether it's as two or three. In the meantime, it's nurofen and wheat packs for me today!

22 April 2015

A letter from Dr Mc

Dear A and D

I'm so sorry I didn't catch up with you last Monday. It sounds like you had a bit of a rough time at the public hospital and I apologise for that.

14 April 2015

... and a conversation with Nurse L

This afternoon, again earlier than expected, Nurse L called from the clinic to talk about our frozen embryo transfer. I explained that I hadn't yet had a chance to discuss the possibilities with D, but we talked a bit about it anyway.