21 September 2011

File note

We received a letter from the clinic today with a copy of the note of our visit with Dr C. It confirms the main aspects of our fertility problem and proposed treatment. I have been taking my folic acid tablets. When I bought a new bottle of multivitamins today, it was nice to be able to tell the pharmacist that I needed one without vitamin A (too much of which isn't good for growing foetuses). September seems to be passing very slowly now!

11 September 2011

Another first

One little detail I forgot to mention about the appointment with Dr C: she prescribed me some folate tablets. I am already taking a multivitamin that includes 300mcg of folate, but these wee yellow pills pack a wopping 5mg. I took my first one today.

10 September 2011

First appointment

It has taken me a while to get around to writing a post about our first appointment. It was such a big day! We arrived a little early and then we had to wait about half an hour, but there were lots of magazines to read and the waiting room was comfortable.

06 September 2011


It's finally here - the day of our first real fertility appointment. ( I say "real" because this time something is going to happen - to me, specifically - as opposed to just talking.) This morning I will have a vaginal ultrasound. I actually had one of these exactly a year ago today. Two days after the first of Canterbury's massive earthquakes, I drove a wiggly road to Ashburton Hospital for what turned out to be a relatively quick and completely painless procedure. So I'm not too worried about that part.