24 March 2014

File note

I reviewed A and D on 12 March. Unfortunately, the most recent IVF cycle resulted in the transfer of two embryos without pregnancy occurring. I have reviewed the details of their history since D's vasectomy in 1995 and reversal in 2005. On the four occasions they proceeded to IVF the first three resulted in satisfactory fertilisation (3:5, 5:6 and 2:3 oocytes fertilised). On the most recent occasion only 3:9 oocytes fertilised. There have been good quality embryos transferred now on five occasions, with one early pregnancy achieved but unfortunately early miscarriage.

13 March 2014

Seeing Dr P

Today we visited the clinic after a long break to see Dr P. We wanted to talk with him about our various options and to gather more information before we make the final decision about whether to try another IVF cycle.