23 August 2012

The old dog and bone

I have just had a call from Nurse R at the clinic with the results of yesterday's blood test. She would like us to start the Buserelin injections tomorrow morning. (I don't mind the morning injections too much. D wakes me with a cup of coffee and a syringe and it's all done before I'm properly awake. But I digress.) We will continue with those for about ten days, but I am to call the clinic when I get my period, which will be during that time. I also need to have another blood test on 3 September. I wrote all of that down as we spoke so I didn't forget anything!

21 August 2012

Ring ring

Nurse J from the clinic rang this afternoon to let me know about the blood test I had yesterday. She said that it looked like I had already ovulated, a little earlier than they expected, but she wants me to have another blood test tomorrow to get another reading. I have made an appointment with the local doctors surgery for 9.20am.

20 August 2012

Drug education appointment

Today we both took the day off work and did some shopping and had lunch in the city before our 2pm appointment at the clinic. As usual, we had to wait a little bit, but the waiting room is pleasant enough and there are always good magazines. Often we are by ourselves, but if there is another couple there I find myself wondering how far along the process they are. I like to think that the ones who are still looking bright and enthusiastic are just beginning. On our first few visits I remember assuming that everyone else was more experienced and knowledgeable than us, but now I know that it always feels strange and daunting no matter what stage you're at! I definitely feel much less excited and full of hope than I did before. I am tired of coming to this waiting room.

14 August 2012


Last evening I went to our bank's online facility and transferred $11,000 from our savings account to our current account, and then I went to the clinic's website and paid our invoice for $10,255. (The invoice for our medications will come later.) Paying such a large bill reinforces the monochromatic nature of this situation. It is no wonder that "you can't be half pregnant" has become a cliche. If we fail, the total cost of something over $13,000 will feel like such a waste. But if we succeed, having the chance to be parents will be priceless. For us, it feels worth it to have one more chance.

10 August 2012

Appointment made

This afternoon a nurse from the clinic rang me to let me know the result of the blood test I had on Wednesday. It indicated that 20 August is a good day to start the series of blood tests required to pinpoint ovulation, so we have arranged a drug education appointment at the clinic on the same day. At this appointment we will be given all the medication we need for the various injections.

07 August 2012


Dear A and D

You have now booked on for an IVF cycle. The actual week you commence stimulation injections will depend on the regularity of your menstrual cycle and our nursing team will advise you when you need to pick up your medications or for out of town patients, the date the medications will be couriered.

06 August 2012

Here we go again...

Last week I called the clinic as instructed to arrange our next IVF cycle and spoke to Nurse R. She posted me some new consent forms to sign, a lab test form for a chlamydia swab (a new requirement) and a note asking me to call on day one of my period.