31 October 2011

A little bit excited

This morning's appointment went very well and I felt a lot more comfortable. First I met with the nurse for a blood test. She also took back all the syringes and needles and things that we had been given and now our green cooler bag contains only what we need for my final trigger injection. Then I met with Dr J, who was much friendlier this time but yet another new face! I am beginning to wonder if the clinic has a completely new staff rotation every week. Anyway, she looked at my follicles again and measured them. They have almost doubled in size in three days and another small one has appeared on the right side. A total of seven is pretty good, but we keep being told that it is quality rather than quantity that is important. I agree!

29 October 2011

Booked on

Dear A and D

As you have now booked on for treatment, an appointment has been made for you to see Dr C on Friday 16 December at 10.00am.

28 October 2011

Cattle class

Today we had an appointment at the clinic for a blood test and ultrasound scan. It is day seven and I have had five injections of Gonal-f so far, so it's time to see how my ovaries are coping under this hormonal assault!

24 October 2011


Guess what? My first injection of Gonal-f didn't hurt at all. D definitely has a successful career ahead of him as a nurse. We watched the DVD yesterday and also followed the procedure in the very helpful leaflet that was included with all the other bits and pieces.

23 October 2011

A wee whine

Since we are very hopeful that this is the last time I will be able to whine about this for ages (say nine months), I will admit that today I am feeling thoroughly miserable. I spent a couple of hours during the night pacing the living room in a codeine-induced daze while holding a hot wheat bag to my tummy. I was sick and my temperature was all over the place. I just wanted to go to sleep but I was far too sore. It was no fun. Today I am feeling moderately better, but I am very tender around the middle. My back aches and I am going to go back to bed for a while later. At least it wasn't as bad as last month! I wonder if my cycle will change after pregnancy?

22 October 2011

Today is day one

Enough said! I am kind of excited. But also sore. Bring on the Ponstan and hot water bottles. Tomorrow night we will start the injections.

17 October 2011

A green cooler bag

We have a new resident in our fridge. It is a bright green cooler bag which arrived by courier last week. It contains many interesting things, including a Gonal-f pen with 20 needles, a syringe of Orgalutran, a syringe of Ovidrel, lots of packets of alcohol swabs, a sharps box, a plastic jar for a urine sample, plenty of instructions and even a DVD to show us how it's done. Confused? We were!