02 May 2012

Being patient

First thing this morning I went to my local medical centre for a blood test to see whether I am pregnant. The test form was marked "urgent" and the result was supposed to be available this afternoon.

About 4pm I was beginning to wonder if there was a problem, so I called the clinic to ask whether the results had arrived yet. The nurse I spoke to was quite surprised to hear from me. She said she would call the laboratory to find out what had happened with the test and would get back to me ASAP.

It's now 6pm, so I guess the lab and the clinic have closed by now and we won't find out the result until tomorrow. I am trying to be patient but it isn't easy. We have been feeling so positive about things this time and the fact that my period hasn't arrived yet isn't helping. More tomorrow ...

1 comment:

  1. Have you heard anything??

    Sorry, I would have responded earlier, but I'm home sick.

    Sending you positive thoughts, hopes and wishes...