06 September 2011


It's finally here - the day of our first real fertility appointment. ( I say "real" because this time something is going to happen - to me, specifically - as opposed to just talking.) This morning I will have a vaginal ultrasound. I actually had one of these exactly a year ago today. Two days after the first of Canterbury's massive earthquakes, I drove a wiggly road to Ashburton Hospital for what turned out to be a relatively quick and completely painless procedure. So I'm not too worried about that part.

Then this afternoon we will have "drug education", which I'm sure has less to do with illicit substances and more to do with the various medications I will be on to get my hormones fired up. That could be interesting! The information booklet says that I will be taught to inject myself with the drugs or, alternatively, my husband can learn to do it. I think I prefer the latter option.

So why am I feeling such trepidation? Why has D been yelled at already this morning and it's not even 8am? Maybe it's because today feels like the start of a very scary and very long journey. Maybe it's because my period is due in the next few days and I'm about to have an internal examination. Maybe it's because we're going into flash private consulting rooms and we're publicly funded. I think all I can do is breathe and get on with it - and keeping my temper under control will help a lot!

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  1. Going gently on yourself will help a lot too...

    I'll be thinking of you both today.

    Take care.