21 September 2011

File note

We received a letter from the clinic today with a copy of the note of our visit with Dr C. It confirms the main aspects of our fertility problem and proposed treatment. I have been taking my folic acid tablets. When I bought a new bottle of multivitamins today, it was nice to be able to tell the pharmacist that I needed one without vitamin A (too much of which isn't good for growing foetuses). September seems to be passing very slowly now!

Dear A and D

1. Primary infertility secondary to azoospermia post vasectomy reversal
2. Planning first publicly funded IVF cycle with ICSI and PESA
3. Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy ...
4. Allergy to aspirin and ibuprofen
5. Dysmenorrhoea, possibly due to endometriosis
6. Short menstrual cycle ...

D has azoospermia post an unsuccessful vasectomy reversal in 1995. A reports that there have been no complications related to her known cardiomyopathy ...

Investigations have indicated a normal day 3 FSH of 8 and a normal AMH of 21 and total antral follicle count of 10.

D reports that he has kept good health and has no history of testicular trauma or infection. Previous gonadotropins and testosterone levels were normal.

The plan is for them to proceed to an antagonist cycle with 150 units of Gonal-F in the stimulation phase. They will then proceed to a single embryo transfer.

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