16 December 2011

Follow-up appointment

This morning we had an appointment with Dr C. It was the first time we had been back to the clinic since the negative pregnancy result and we were keen to find out what happens next. Dr C is much nicer than the other doctors at the clinic! She first wanted to find out how we were feeling. Then she explained that we can try again with the frozen embryo that we kept after our last attempt. The chance of success is lower, 25% to 30%, but we don't have to go through the stimulation process all over again. We will wait until I have been through another two cycles, so our next appointment will be sometime in late January. Interestingly, my last two periods since the pregnancy test were only 17 days apart, so it may be sooner than that, but it will still be a long summer! I am not feeling very positive at the moment, though perhaps I am just sick of the whole process.

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  1. It's so difficult when your hopes have been dashed. I saw the pain on my friends face when her first round of IVF didn't go well, just devastating. Maybe I'm holding onto hopes for you, but without having to go through the stimulation process, your body won't be quite as stressed? Not sure, just hoping for you I suppose...

    One day at a time...

    Take care,