22 November 2012


Dear D and A

Thank you for choosing [clinic] for your recent treatment. As Medical Director I would really appreciate your feedback and I enclose our freepost questionnaire - and a couple of tea bags to help you slow down and take time to answer it! Thank you for your time.

If you prefer you may complete the questionnaire online through our website [address]. The patient satisfaction survey is located in the secure section of our website. You will be required to register on the site to access this. Or if you have comments you would rather make personally you can phone the clinic on [number].

[Clinic] will donate $10 to [organisation] for every completed "How are we going?" customer feedback form returned to the clinic. [Organisation] is a consumer organisation providing support and advocacy for those experiencing infertility.

Also on a personal note, if you would like to continue contact with the clinic please don't hesitate to contact us. Treatment can often be very intensive over a period of time and you may feel at a loss once the treatment cycle is complete. Remember we are always happy for you to call our nurses - it's our job to support you on the fertility journey.

With my best wishes ...

Well, this is interesting! The last time we received this letter, it was the day after our very first negative pregnancy result just over a year ago. I was pretty upset that the clinic hadn't allowed more time before they asked for feedback, and as a result they received feedback from us that was perhaps more negative than it could have been otherwise.

This time they waited six weeks or so, which I think was much more appropriate. I felt able to give them a more balanced view of the treatment we received.

I commented positively on most of the staff members, the explanations given to us and the physical care we received during treatment. I commented negatively on the "team approach", which we have never felt entirely comfortable with because it means speaking to a different person each time rather than having one or two people who know us and our background, and I also commented negatively on their written information, which is often confusing and badly thought out.

At this stage, we are happy to take a break from fertility treatment, although we are pretty sure we will try again when our energy levels and finances allow. I have to say it is very nice to be thinking about other things while we continue on with "normal" life!

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  1. Maybe they listened to your feedback, and took it on board... I hope so!

    I hope you have a restful summer...
    Take care of yourselves, and each other :)