01 April 2014

SIS scan

Yesterday at noon we went to a private radiology clinic for my saline infusion sonohysterography (SIS) scan. It was fairly similar to any other pelvic scan to start with. We met two radiographers and they left the room while I undressed my bottom half and got up onto a table. Then a doctor came in and performed the scan while the radiographers assisted.

The first part was a normal ultrasound and it was completely pain-free. Then the doctor used a speculum and a tube to introduce saline into my uterus so any abnormalities could be clearly seen. It was quite uncomfortable at that point, but they gave me plenty of warning and that helped. It felt like a mild cramping and I was glad I'd bought D along because later I was too uncomfortable to drive home without being distracted. They introduced more water several times and it would gush out again, which was pretty surprising (and wet) the first time! I mostly kept my eyes closed or looked at the ceiling. The whole test took about 40 minutes and apparently everything looked normal at a first look, but we will get more detailed results later.

After D dropped me at home, I found that the discomfort eased pretty quickly and within half an hour or so I felt fine. So the test wasn't that bad, though it was expensive because we had it done privately ($500). I really hope they don't find anything wrong. After all this time, it would be pretty gutting to find out we'd been heading down the wrong track.

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