30 March 2015

Hospital review

Today we went to the hospital for a review appointment with Dr Mc after my laparoscopy/hysteroscopy in January. It was a very frustrating afternoon!

To start off with, we had to wait for an hour and a quarter after our appointment time before we saw anyone. We later found out that they were short-staffed that day and had a lot of patients to see, but we kept inquiring and were never told it would take so long. So we were feeling a bit bad-tempered by the time it was our turn!

Then we had a second surprise - Dr Mc was away sick and so we saw another doctor who hadn't been present at my surgery. He apologised profusely, but we had wanted to speak to Dr Mc to find out about the next steps on our fertility journey. All this doctor was able to do was to show us the photos taken during the laparoscopy and to tell me that they think they got all the endometriosis. He didn't seem particularly interested in my recovery. We were fairly disappointed.

I'd had a couple of really painful periods since the surgery and I wanted to understand how long this would go on for, assuming that the problem is fixed. The doctor told me that it would take three to six months before all the healing was complete. We weren't happy to hear this. We hadn't been told this before and unfortunately we were expecting to be able to move on more quickly than that.

So we left the appointment feeling frustrated and disappointed. It would've been so much better to see Dr Mc and to make a plan for the future. The doctor we saw said that he would ask Dr Mc to call us to arrange another appointment. I won't be holding my breath! I think I will chase him up in a week or two. We don't want to wait forever.

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