14 April 2015

A conversation with Dr Mc...

This morning, earlier than expected, I got a call from Dr Mc. First of all we talked about our experience at the hospital appointment - he was very apologetic - and then we discussed my recovery.

I'd been very disappointed to get so much pain with my last few periods and the doctor at the hospital had told us it could take up to six months to recover fully. Dr Mc disagreed and said he wouldn't expect it to take that long. He would hope for an improvement soon. I'm not feeling quite so positive, but we'll see!

Then he surprised me by suggesting that we go ahead with our frozen embryo transfer as soon as possible! I really did expect him to want to wait a few months. It might work out to go ahead soon, but it would be terribly inconvenient because we're in the process of buying a house and moving, so I think we might wait until we have dealt with all of that first. I told Dr Mc that D and I would have to discuss this and decide what was best. He would like us to do a manufactured cycle, which will involve taking medications rather than waiting for me to ovulate naturally. It seems best, given my short cycle (21-22 days at the moment).

Dr Mc told me that one of his nurses would call me in the next few days to find out what we'd decided and to talk us through the process. It feels good to be back on the treadmill. I have been feeling increasingly tired of this journey and it is nice to see the end in sight, no matter which way it turns out in the end.

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