07 November 2015


This morning I had a very early start. I woke at 5am and left home at 6.30am to pick D up from the airport (he'd been in another city for a friend's father's funeral). Then we made our way to the clinic for an ultrasound at 8.40am. We were disappointed to discover that the parking directly outside the building has now been turned into a pedestrian/seating area! I'm glad we found out on a quiet Saturday morning.

The scan was straightforward and there were no problems. It was performed by a doctor I don't think we'd met before, who introduced himself to us only by his first name. When I was about to have the scan, he handed me the wand and I didn't really understand why - it turned out he wanted me to insert it myself and seemed rather surprised when I said I was happy for him to do it! We were finished within about ten minutes.

On the way out we spoke to Nurse C, who gave me some progesterone pessaries and told me that she'd call me this afternoon to let me know when to start taking them. Then I had a quick blood test and we went to do some shopping and then home.

Nurse C has just called to let me know that everything was fine with my scan and blood test. She told me to keep taking the Progynova tablets three times a day and to start using the pessaries, also three times a day, from tomorrow morning. The embryo transfer will happen on Thursday, five days away, and one of the laboratory staff will call me the day before to let me know exactly when.

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