12 November 2015

The final transfer

This morning I drove into the city and picked D up from work and we went to the clinic to have our last frozen embryo transferred.

I had been instructed by the nurse to drink 750ml of water before I left home and then another 750ml while I drove, which I did, but by the time we got to the clinic I was getting worried that I couldn't hang on! Our appointment was at 12 noon but we were kept waiting for about ten minutes before Nurse E called us in. She gave us some information and instructions - mainly about assuming that I am pregnant unless a test tells us otherwise - and then A, the lab technician, came in to show us a photograph of our embryo. She said that it had thawed well and that everything looked fine. By that time, I really needed to go to the toilet, so she suggested that I go and let out a little bit of urine, just enough to allow me to hang on until after the transfer. I did that but obviously not enough!

We were taken into a dressing room, where I took off the lower half of my clothes and put on a gown, and then Nurse C took us into the theatre, where we met A again and Dr A. The whole time I was really wanting to go to the toilet and was getting increasingly anxious. But the procedure couldn't be postponed and, even though I was very uncomfortable and beginning to panic, Dr A went ahead. Unfortunately I don't remember anything about what he was doing because I was concentrating so hard on not peeing all over him! After A passed him the embryo, she talked me through breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth to calm me down. When he was finished, she checked that the embryo had been transferred and, as soon as I was allowed to, I ran to the toilet. Much relief!

Afterwards, I got dressed and we left the clinic. I dropped D back at work and then drove home. So I won't be having a wine with dinner tonight and I will be trying not to get too stressed! My pregnancy test is ten days away on Monday week. I have to go to another city for the blood test because my small town will not be able to process it in time, but I should have the result sometime that afternoon.

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