09 December 2015

Letter from Dr Mc

Dear A and D

I really enjoyed our conversation today. Unfortunately we haven't had success with the most recent embryo. You have had a long period of treatment and we ran through a lot of things today. You are aware of your options going forward and at this stage have elected not to have further treatment.

I am very supportive of your decision. If you did elect to have further treatment I think you would certainly have to look at donor eggs and donor embryos. We discussed management of your periods and endometriosis. You are still having some pain and I have given you some Buscopan to see if this can help with some of the spasm type symptoms you have. If the pain is becoming a problem down the track please be referred through to me at Wellington Hospital and I would be happy to have a look at things.

Once again it [has] been an absolute pleasure to look after you both. I look forward to seeing you down the track.

All the best and kind regards

Yours sincerely ...

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