17 October 2011

A green cooler bag

We have a new resident in our fridge. It is a bright green cooler bag which arrived by courier last week. It contains many interesting things, including a Gonal-f pen with 20 needles, a syringe of Orgalutran, a syringe of Ovidrel, lots of packets of alcohol swabs, a sharps box, a plastic jar for a urine sample, plenty of instructions and even a DVD to show us how it's done. Confused? We were!

After doing a bit of reading, we know when I need to be injected and with what. Now we wait for day one of my next cycle, expected sometime this weekend. Every night for seven nights D will give me an injection of Gonal-f. That will stimulate the growth of follicles and, hopefully, lots of healthy eggs. Then on day seven he will give me an injection of Orgalutran, which has something to do with controlling over-stimulation. Finally, he will give me a shot of Ovidrel, the trigger medication, which will prompt those eggs to be released, ready for collection at the clinic. That will be a big day!

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