24 October 2011


Guess what? My first injection of Gonal-f didn't hurt at all. D definitely has a successful career ahead of him as a nurse. We watched the DVD yesterday and also followed the procedure in the very helpful leaflet that was included with all the other bits and pieces.
I have to take the Gonal-f every night at the same time and we decided on 6pm. It is delivered using a pen with a disposable needle on one end. The dose is dialled up on the side of the pen (150 IU, in my case). After I cleaned it with an alcohol swab, D took a big pinch of my skin to the right of my bellybutton and put the needle in. He pushed down the button on the end of the pen, we counted to ten and then he pulled the needle out. D wasn't quite so steady at the pulling-out stage so there was a little blood and I wasn't ready with an alcohol swab, but we'll be experts soon. It really feels like things are starting to happen now! I suppose it's no surprise that I was feeling a bit grouchy and hormonal today. This won't be such a novelty by the time we reach number seven.

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