18 March 2012

Education appointment

I have been so crazy busy that it's taken me a few days to write about our education appointment last Wednesday.

D and I both showed up in good time and we had to wait a while before meeting with the nurse. She took us through the plan for the next round of injections. It's fairly similar to the antagonist method we tried last time (stimulant injections and then one trigger injection), except that first there's about ten days - possibly more - of injections that will pretty much take over my cycle and put me into a sort of "mini-menopause" state (the nurse's words). It all sounds pretty dramatic, but I think it means that more eggs will be produced in the stimulation phase. Last time they were working with my cycle; this time they are creating a whole new cycle. This method, called long down regulation, will take longer so it'll be the second or third week of April before we do the next implantation.

D is fairly confident that he can remember how to give a good injection, though it's all still a bit confusing for me. I'll learn as I go, I guess. In the meantime, I've made an appointment for a blood test tomorrow morning. It'll be day 13, or just after ovulation, and the results will dictate when the injections begin.

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  1. This does sound rather dramatic... I hope it goes smoothly.

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way,