23 April 2012


I have just arrived home from the clinic after having our first (and hopefully only) transfer for this IVF cycle. It all went very smoothly and was far less complicated than the pick-up. First I had to undress from the waist down and put on a green gown, just like the one I wore last week, and then we went into a small room with a monitor high on the wall and a large chair with stirrups. D was able to sit next to me and hold my hand throughout. First we were brought up to date with our embryos. Five had been successfully fertilised last week but unfortunately two of them had since stopped growing. Of the remaining three, two were growing well but one looked better, so that was chosen for today's transfer. The rest will be frozen in case we need them.

Dr W performed the procedure. The laboratory technician passed her the embryo in a long, thin, flexible tube and she placed it high up inside my vagina, beyond my cervix. I'd made sure to drink plenty of water before we arrived because apparently having a full bladder helps the uterus sit in the correct position. In just a few seconds it was all done. It was a little uncomfortable at the very beginning but I really didn't feel much at all. The technician offered to email me a photo of this embryo and I will post it when it arrives.

For the next ten days or so, I don't have to do anything special, just avoid excess stress and overheating (such as in a spa or sauna), and then I will have a pregnancy test on 2 May and then if that is positive a follow-up test on 7 May. We are feeling quite hopeful this time and consequently a little more nervous than before. We really want this to work!

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  1. My immediate thoughts - scary, and hopeful! Hang onto the hopeful part of that...

    Take care,