13 September 2012

First scan

This morning D and I went to the clinic to have the first scan for this cycle. We have been on the Gonal-F injections for a week now, so it is time to see how many follicles have developed and when they will be ready for harvest. But first we went to the testing centre near the clinic to have a blood test done.

We saw Dr P this time, which was interesting. Usually we only see him when D needs to have his sperm extracted. He doesn't have a great bedside manner. Although he is never rude or causes me discomfort, I have found that the female doctors are more reassuring and considerate in what they say and do during scans. However, Dr P seemed pleased with what he saw. Although I could not see them very clearly, he picked out three follicles on one side and four on the other. About half of those were almost mature

I am a bit disappointed in the results. I know seven follicles is more than enough, but I was hoping for a larger number. I would really like to have enough eggs for more than one attempt this time around. But we just have to wait and see, which is becoming a bit of a cliche now!

After the scan, we saw Nurse K who gave us some more Gonal-F, syringes and swabs. She booked us in for another scan on Saturday, two days away.

Later in the day, Nurse E called with the results of the blood test. Weighing those up with what was seen on the scan, Dr P has said that we will most likely have the egg collection done on Monday. It might have to be on Wednesday, but the scan on Saturday will determine that for sure. Getting closer now!

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