31 July 2013

On our way

Yesterday we went to see Dr C for an initial appointment before we start our next IVF cycle. It was very strange being back at the clinic. We both felt very nervous, presumably because we've had so much bad news there in the past. But Dr C was her usual friendly and encouraging self and she spoke to us very sympathetically about our experiences and where we go from here.

Our first IVF cycle had used a short or antagonist protocol and we'd had good results with lots of follicles produced. Our second and third cycles used a long or agonist protocol and hadn't had such good results. Dr C was not sure whether this was because my egg levels were dropping, so she has arranged for me to have a test to see what my AMH level is. Her opinion was that this time we should try a flare protocol with 300IU of Gonal F (compared to 225IU last time) and we would implant two fertilised eggs if possible. I feel much better knowing that she is going to do everything possible to make sure we have a good result, despite the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation. I've responded without any problems in the past, so we were happy with that plan.

The next step is for me to call the clinic on day one of my next cycle (sometime late this week, all going to plan) to arrange for an early cycle scan, and also to have blood tests on day three. We will be starting this IVF round in my next cycle after that, but with my short cycle of 21 to 24 days that shouldn't be too far away. We aren't feeling too excited yet, but we are positive and just taking it one step at a time.

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