13 July 2013


Dear A and D

Re: Estimate for IVF treatment - short cycle

[clinic] is pleased to provide an estimate for short IVF cycle. Please note that this estimate is based on the cost of a short IVF cycle using a dose of 300iu Puregon for 12 days.

  • The medication cost may be slightly more or less depending on the actual starting dose that is charted for you and how you respond to the medication as some patients require more than ten days for the stimulation medication.
  • Payment for all medications is required at the time medications are dispensed. Patients receiving medication via courier will be contacted prior to sending medications to obtain payment. Once medications have been dispensed they cannot be refunded.
  • Cycle Payments: The cycle fee will be invoiced at the point of booking on with payment required prior to the first ultrasound scan.
  • All medical and nursing care and support is covered by the fees below including scans and blood tests, up to two counselling sessions and one medical review or pregnancy scan within 6 weeks after treatment.
  • The IVF fee includes extended culture (if required) and embryos freezing and storage for six months.
  • The IVF cycle fee does not include the cost of frozen embryo transfer cycles which are billed separately.
  • All prices are GST inclusive and are subject to change without notice.

The costs are as follows:

Medical Review/Consent appointment140.00
IVF cycle7,510.00
- 300ui Puregon x 12 days
- Buserelin - 1 bottle
- Ovidrel
- Luteal phase support

Luteal phase support is invoiced at the time of the trigger injection (Ovidrel). This covers the provision of the medication uterogestan that is used in the latter part of the treatment cycle after embryo transfer.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on [phone number].

Yours sincerely ... 

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  1. There's something really jarring about seeing things like quotes when it's related to something like having children that are so wanted. I know it's a practicality, but still...

    Sending you and positive thoughts,