23 July 2013

A new book

Today a big envelope arrived from the clinic containing a couple of test forms, some consent forms for us to sign and a brand new edition of the information book all about IVF and other procedures. It is fantastic to see that this book has been overhauled since our last attempt. The last version was confusing and too clinical. I am looking forward to reading it carefully this evening.

I need to have a blood test on day three of my next cycle and then a vaginal ultrasound. I also called my doctor and asked him to send the results of my last smear test to the clinic.

It is beginning to feel like we are underway. I am feeling quite excited, but still not letting myself go too far. The peaks and troughs of this process are bad enough without working myself up too much before we have even started. That said, I am really looking forward to Tuesday when D and I will see Dr C and plan what will happen.


  1. I'm glad they've done an overhaul of the infromation - hopefully as a response to reading the feedback of clients.

    Please take care of yourself,

  2. Thank you for commenting! It is so nice to have your support on our journey and I appreciate you taking the time. Am taking good care - and I hope you are too.