30 October 2014

Review appointment

This morning we drove into the city for our review appointment with Dr Mc. He was 20 minutes late, which annoyed D a bit, but I think he had been held up unexpectedly.

We briefly discussed the possible reasons for our failure and, simply put, there isn't one. It's likely to be a combination of reasons. However, because Dr Mc wants to make sure we've tried everything, he would like me to have a laparoscopy before we try transferring the frozen embryo. He feels that I do have endometriosis and that this would clear it up and help with embryo implantation. I'd been kept up last night for several hours because of menstrual pain, so it was easy to describe that symptom! It will involve a general anaesthetic and a night in hospital and the waiting time is around three months.

Before I left the clinic, I filled out some forms for the hospital. I will be notified of a date when one is available and then I need to email Dr Mc and arrange a post-surgery appointment. He will probably do the surgery, but it could also be Dr M.

I think D was a bit taken aback by this news. We haven't discussed it yet and he was probably just as surprised as I was. However, at least we are another step forward and there is plenty of time to come to terms with the idea.

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