22 April 2015

A letter from Dr Mc

Dear A and D

I'm so sorry I didn't catch up with you last Monday. It sounds like you had a bit of a rough time at the public hospital and I apologise for that.

A, you haven't had a significant improvement in pain as yet. I do hope things improve in the next wee while and I would encourage you to remain positive. Not all patients will have an improvement in pain but given the severity of the resection I would feel quite disappointed if you didn't have a significant improvement in pain.

You are looking at proceeding with an embryo transfer in the next month or two. You are going to have a think about whether you want to go ahead and from my point of view I am happy with whatever suits you best. I have set you up for a manufactured cycle and one of my nurses will give you a call in the next few days to run through things.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there are any questions or concerns. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you down the track.

Yours sincerely ...

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