01 August 2013

Day one ... again

Last night I had that familiar dull feeling in my tummy and by bedtime instead of being in bed I was dosed up with painkillers and pacing the hallway clutching a hot wheat bag. Thankfully, it only lasted a little while and soon I was asleep. So today is day one and I called the clinic as instructed.
I left a message on the nurse's answerphone, but when I'd received no reply by 4pm I rang again. I eventually spoke to Nurse A, who explained that although they had our new address (we have moved since our last attempt), they still had our old phone number. I was very glad I'd called back! I did wonder why she didn't call my cellphone or look in the phone book because we are in there, but no matter. The important information has been relayed. We have an appointment next Tuesday for an early cycle scan, just to get a baseline reading and to help Dr C make the final decision about what drug regimen we will use this time.


  1. While the big picture is that you were able to make contact, I did wonder about the phone numbers too... although, I've had similar situations with my GP and it seems to be down to the individual nurse and their "comfort" with calling mobiles - some of my co-workers won't call mobiles because of the cost... despite it not being a personal cost... despite the student needing to know the information... :-/

  2. It's a mystery to us what was going on that day. She called D at work and got our home number, but it seems she didn't call it. She also told D that she'd tried my cellphone but there were no missed calls and I didn't hear it ring. This is the same nurse who made a very strange comment to me last year - "We're not used to patients not doing as they're told" - when we got a dose wrong. She's definitely not our favourite member of staff and we are going to try and avoid her! It's strange because everyone else at the clinic is lovely.