06 August 2013

Baseline scan

Today we went into the clinic for my baseline scan. It was quick and painless, as usual, though it wasn't that much fun. I will have to get used to exposing myself all over again! Dr C saw three follicles on the right side and one big follicle on the left and she says I will ovulate from the left side this month.

We also talked about the flare protocol that she would like us to use this time. There is another option, a newer drug called Elonva, which she has not tried with any of her patients but other doctors at the clinic have. She will talk to the other doctors and see what they think, but she has heard that it has a pretty good success rate. I really don't mind which regime we use, as long as it works! This is our last attempt and I want to know that we did everything we could.

We have made an appointment for next Thursday when we will sit down with a nurse for a drug education session. One would think that we would remember everything since we are such old hands at this now, but it does become a bit hazy over time. By then Dr C will have my AMH level test results back and she will have made a decision about which drug regime we will use. After that, things will move pretty quickly. Day 1 of my next cycle will be about a week after the drug education appointment.

I am feeling a bit low about the whole thing this evening. Sometimes it feels like we're on an endless journey that will go nowhere. But I know that other times I will feel more positive and we also know that the doctors and nurses at the clinic are doing the very best they can to help us.


  1. How are you now? It's really good to remember that everyone is doing their best and that there are lots of success stories out there... but, it's also ok to feel the sadness, frustration, and everything else... that's natural.

    Please go gently...
    With care,

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. It means a lot. What is especially frustrating is that even if everyone does their absolute best and even if we have the cleverest doctors, nurses and scientists on the job, this process really is like a lottery. Sometimes things just don't work.

    There are days when I feel like I described above, there are days when I feel so positive and there are days like today when I just ignore any feelings about this subject because it's easier. I am looking forward to Thursday's drug education appointment. It will be nice to actually get started.