26 August 2013


This morning at 7.00am, as usual, D brought me a coffee in bed before he had his shower and got dressed. After a bad night's sleep (we won't say who was snoring!) I'd forgotten all about this morning's injection until he came back into the bedroom armed with the huge Elonva syringe. It was preloaded with the right amount of medication and had a large plunger and a spring at the top. It looks quite different to the normal little syringes we use.
We chose an injection site just below and to the right of my navel and I swabbed it with an alcohol wipe. Then I pinched up some skin and D did the injecting. He depressed the plunger, we counted to five and then he let the plunger go and the needle retracted back on its spring, right up inside the syringe. It all went very smoothly and was completely painless. I was glad we'd watched the instructional DVD last night. The only side-effect has been a tiny red spot on my tummy. Now only four days to wait until we start the Orgalutran.


  1. Oh, today would be Orgalutran day... I hope it went as smoothly as the Elonva seemed to go...

  2. A bit later tonight ... we've used Orgalutran before and we've both swotted up on the little booklet we have, so it should be fine. And it's a much smaller syringe, thank goodness. It all seems to be taking so loooong this time! Thanks once again for your comments and support :)

  3. Any time... I'm sending all sorts of positive vibes your way...