07 August 2012


Dear A and D

You have now booked on for an IVF cycle. The actual week you commence stimulation injections will depend on the regularity of your menstrual cycle and our nursing team will advise you when you need to pick up your medications or for out of town patients, the date the medications will be couriered.

Please find attached a quote for your IVF treatment and please note our accounts policy is that payment for the IVF cycle is required in full before the stimulation medication has been dispensed.

Please note the following:

  • [Clinic] has the right to delay your treatment if the cycle fee is not made in full prior to or on the day of collecting your stimulation drugs.

  • Our payment methods are credit card, cash, EFTPOS, cheque, internet banking [account number] or online at [website address].

  • Payment is required for all medications at the time of dispensing (usually your drug education session).

  • Out of town patients can either complete the enclosed deduction consent (credit card) or will be contacted by the administration team on the morning medications are being couriered to obtain payment, or if you are not available for contact that day you can contact us.

  • You are most welcome to contact the administration team at any time to obtain an estimate for the medications charted for you.

  • All medical care during the cycle is covered by the fee shown including scans including one pregnancy scan or medical review.

[Clinic] has a refund policy for cycles that do not continue to completion. For more details regarding this and the costs associated with your treatment please review our pricing structure document which can be obtained from our Reception or downloaded from our website [website address].

If you have any queries about these arrangements please do not hesitate to contact the accounts department on [telephone number].

Yours sincerely ...

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IVF - Planning and Management Fee

Client Fee
IVF cycle7,260.00
Surgical Sperm Recovery940.00

All medical care and support during the cycle is covered by the fee shown including scans and blood tests, up to two counselling sessions and one medical review or pregnancy scan within six weeks of treatment.

Medications are charged separately.

The "Total" fee shown on this quote MUST be paid in full prior to the first blood test.

Payment methods are credit card, cash, EFTPOS, cheque or internet banking [account number]. Accounts can also be paid through our website [website address].

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  1. Ummm... so they really want you to pay before treatment begins, huh?

    Wow, not very subtle, are they? I can understand that they need to be paid, but this is so repetitive that it's kind of odd, redundant and a little insulting. But, maybe I'm reading it that way because I know how much you want this...

    Take care,