10 August 2012

Appointment made

This afternoon a nurse from the clinic rang me to let me know the result of the blood test I had on Wednesday. It indicated that 20 August is a good day to start the series of blood tests required to pinpoint ovulation, so we have arranged a drug education appointment at the clinic on the same day. At this appointment we will be given all the medication we need for the various injections.

So we have to wait some more, but at least we've started the journey again. I am feeling quite pessimistic this time and I really wish we didn't have to go through all of this again. But as D so quite rightly told me this evening, if we don't try again there is only one possible outcome. If we do try again we've got a chance. At least one of us is thinking optimistically!


  1. I've known other couples who have reached this stage, and also been really pessimistic. It's a reasonable response... you've already had your hopes dashed before. But, if you don't try again, will you question that decision in the future? Is the potential pain of being unsuccessful balance out, or outweigh, the potential rewards? It's tough stuff, there's no doubting it...

    Please go gently as you go forward. I'll be thinking of you on the 20th...

    Take care,

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging comment. Yes, I think I would definitely regret not trying again. We are so lucky to have the money available for one more chance. I also feel pretty confident that together we can weather the emotional challenges of failure. (I've noticed that we're being very kind to each other lately - perhaps preparing some ground for the weeks ahead?) Deciding whether to try a fourth time, if that were ever necessary, may be a more difficult prospect. I suspect that we would have different answers to that question if you asked us now. But we'll see...