14 August 2012


Last evening I went to our bank's online facility and transferred $11,000 from our savings account to our current account, and then I went to the clinic's website and paid our invoice for $10,255. (The invoice for our medications will come later.) Paying such a large bill reinforces the monochromatic nature of this situation. It is no wonder that "you can't be half pregnant" has become a cliche. If we fail, the total cost of something over $13,000 will feel like such a waste. But if we succeed, having the chance to be parents will be priceless. For us, it feels worth it to have one more chance.

In the meantime, I have heard nothing about the chlamydia test result, so I assume it was negative. Whining about the clinic's less-than-stellar communication doesn't change anything and I know I am more sensitive about it because of these emotional circumstances, but it doesn't make me feel very well supported. However, they are always better face-to-face (or maybe I am), so I am looking forward to Monday's appointment.

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