04 October 2012


Yesterday I went down to our local medical centre to have my blood taken for the confirmation test. It was neat telling the nurses about our positive result. They have been taking my blood for these IVF cycles for over a year now and they were full of congratulations. It's so nice to have someone to tell!

This afternoon Nurse K rang with the results of the blood test. My hormone levels have almost doubled, so that's good. I have to keep taking the folic acid tablets and the progesterone pessaries. We have made an appointment for 26 October for our first scan. I'm really looking forward to that.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed by all that we have to think about over the next wee while. I guess that's why we have nine months to prepare! We've not really allowed ourselves to think about all the things that will have to change until now. We are going to have some serious decisions to make, the major one being whether we will stay in our current house and if so how we will tackle the necessary upgrades. It will definitely be too cold in this place for a baby in the winter.

Physically, I am feeling very tired. I haven't been sleeping very well and although I'm not actually breathless I have been feeling a sort of heaviness on my chest. This is a side-effect of the progesterone and is something I'm well used to with my heart condition, but it is exhausting. So I am resting lots and taking things easy. I am trying to eat regularly, but having anything solid in the mornings is still a challenge. I will get better at that as time goes on, I am sure!

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