01 October 2012

A result

Well, today was the day that A and D finally found out that they were going to have a baby.

As I write this, the news hasn't really sunk in. Even typing that first sentence seems unreal. I have imagined this day for so long. My brain seems to be allowing in only a small portion of the news at a time, as if it won't cope with the reality of such a dream coming true. There's no hurry though. It's just nice to feel this happy.

So early this morning D and I drove to the city for my blood test. If I'd had it done here in our small town, the result might not have been available until tomorrow. We had both been feeling more positive this time and we were trying not to get our hopes up, fully aware of what it was like to get that "sorry, no" phone call. We were expecting the phone call to come mid-afternoon and so my mother, who is staying with us, had arranged to visit family. But while we were preparing lunch at about 12.30, the phone rang and it was Nurse K from the clinic. I don't remember precisely what she said but I was virtually speechless when she told me I was pregnant. We had a brief discussion about what to do next (keep using the pessaries, have a confirmation blood test in two days' time, etc), and then I got off the phone and joined D and my mother in a round of big hugs (and a few tears on Mum's behalf!). We were all in a bit of shock, but over lunch we talked all about baby stuff, who to tell, what we were looking forward to, when the baby would be due, etc. Perhaps some of that is premature!

So now D and I are alone. I am sure that very soon the news will finally sink in. But in the meantime, we are going to take the rest of the day quietly and enjoy this happy feeling.

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