07 October 2012

Trying not to panic

As the subject line says, things aren't looking so rosy this evening. For the past day or so, I've had a bit of brownish staining, rather like the very end of a period, and for most of this afternoon my tummy has been aching a little. Nothing too severe, just a bit of discomfort as if I'd eaten too much dairy or something. But when the discomfort increased about an hour ago, I went to the toilet and found that the brownish colour was now a brownish red. Something was not right. My immediate thought was that I was miscarrying, but I managed to hold it together enough to call the clinic's on-call nurse.
Nurse E was very reassuring and suggested that I have a blood test tomorrow morning to check my hormone levels. She also told me to take some paracetamol to help with the ache and ensure I get a good night's sleep. That might be a bit difficult, to be honest. I am trying very hard not to worry. I know it is very early days, but maybe this dream is over before it's really begun. More tomorrow...

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