20 November 2011


Dear D and A

Thank you for choosing [clinic] for your recent treatment. As Medical Director I would really appreciate your feedback and I enclose our freepost questionnaire - and a couple of tea bags to help you slow down and take time to answer it! Thank you for your time...

Also on a personal note if you would like to continue contact with the clinic please don't hesitate to contact us. Treatment can often be very intensive over a period of time and you may feel at a loss once the treatment cycle is complete. Remember we are always happy for you to call our nurses - it's our job to support you on the fertility journey.

With my best wishes ...

I wonder if this letter from Dr P was supposed to arrive the day after our negative pregnancy test? It could have been timed and worded a little differently. For me this shows how the "team approach" doesn't work too well. We already have a follow-up appointment with Dr C on 16 December to explore the next step in the process. It has been a tough weekend.

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  1. Ouch, just ouch...

    That letter could have been timed for another week or so later, and worded differently... It seems rather clumsy.

    Sending positive thoughts your way,