07 November 2011

Feeling better

It's been three days since the implantation and I am, as the subject line says, feeling better. I was getting pretty miserable on Saturday with my uncomfortable tummy. I completely lost my appetite, too, which didn't help. It is more important than ever that I eat properly, but it was a struggle even to put food in my mouth.

Everything seems to have come right today, though. There is no discomfort at all. I can even press on my tummy quite firmly without it hurting. I had a banana and some rhubarb for breakfast, a slice of D's fabulous lemon loaf and some almonds for a snack during the day and a dinner of chicken and veges. That might not be quite a balanced diet but it's pretty good for me - and reasonably healthy! A nurse from the clinic called this afternoon to see how I was and I was pleased to report that things had settled down.

I have to use the progesterone pessaries until the pregnancy test late next week and continue them for another two weeks if it's positive. Apparently they can cause constipation so I am having some Metamucil every morning. It's very gritty and tastes like flaked cardboard, but if I take it in two half doses with orange juice it's not too bad. I am getting used to the pessaries but I think either they or the panty liners I have to wear all the time are causing a little bit of irritation. At the supermarket this week I will look out for some liners that don't have any kind of perfume or additives. Maybe not wearing one at night will help too.

So the wait continues. It doesn't feel too onerous at this end of the fortnight, but I bet that by the middle of next week I'll be getting fairly impatient. I don't feel pregnant at all - but then again I don't know what pregnant feels like! It all seems very unreal but I'm sure that will change if/when there's a positive result. I must remember to call the doctor's surgery and see if I can have the test done locally rather than having to drive into the city. Only ten sleeps to go!

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