03 November 2011

The morning after

I have just received a call from the clinic to let me know how things went in the petri dishes overnight. Six eggs were extracted yesterday and five of them were found to be mature and able to be injected with sperm (the ICSI process). Overnight three eggs have fertilised and are therefore able to be implanted. Three is enough, I guess! The best quality one will be chosen for implanting tomorrow morning and the remaining two will be frozen in case we need to try again. We have an appointment for 10.30am. The implantation process will be relatively quick and easy, certainly nothing like yesterday's adventure. I spoke to D on the phone and he sounded much more excited and positive than I feel. Maybe I am still experiencing some tiredness from yesterday!

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome news!

    But, I can understand some reservations (not sure if that's the right word). May be it won't seem real until after a positive pregnancy test. May be it won't seem real until after the 3 month timeframe. A former work friend said that it didn't seem real until she held her twins in her arms.

    Go gently,