15 November 2011

Treatment cycle summary

Dear A and D

Re: ISCI cycle Wednesday, 2nd November 2011

We are writing to provide you with a summary of your last treatment cycle.

On Wednesday, 2nd November 2011, 6 oocytes were collected and we were able to inject 5 of the oocytes. The other 1 oocyte was not suitable for injection. The sperm for insemination of the oocytes was prepared from a testicular biopsy.

On Thursday, 3rd November 2011 the oocytes were assessed for fertilization. 3 were fertilized normally. 2 were unfertilized or non viable.

Subsequently - 1 embryo was transferred. 1 embryo was frozen at the cleavage stage. 1 embryo was considered unsuitable for freezing.

If you become pregnant on this cycle we will certainly maintain the frozen embryo in long-term storage. If this cycle is unsuccessful, we would like to try and thaw the embryos for transfer before another full IVF cycle.

Under current legislation (HART Act 2004) frozen embryos may be stored for up to 10 years. The storage period may be extended by application to the ethics committee before the expiry of the 10 year limit.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above results of your treatment, please do not hesitate to contact the embryology laboratory...

Isn't "oocyte" a wonderful word?

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  1. I sat here repeating the word "oocyte", while smiling...

    I still have fingers and toes crossed :)

    Take care,