02 September 2013

A dozen follies

This morning D and I went to the clinic for my scan. They were very busy this morning and we had to wait quite a while.

Nurse K saw us on her own and she performed the scan (it seems that they'd been running late because she was doing all the morning's scans by herself). I was feeling a bit nervous because this was our first cycle using Elonva and I really had no idea how I would respond.

But it turns out there was nothing to worry about. There are five follicles on the right side and seven on the left, including one big one (19mm x 17mm) which D described as a "gorilla"! This is more than we've ever had before, so we just have to hope that things keep looking good throughout the week.

After the scan, we discussed what medications I will be having now. We have to continue with the Orgalutran tonight and tomorrow night. Nurse K gave me my first Puregon injection and D will give me another one tomorrow morning. On Wednesday morning I will go back to the clinic for another scan to see how things are going, and they will give me a third Puregon injection then if they think I need one. That evening I will have the trigger (Ovidrel) injection and the all-important egg collection will happen on Friday. D will have some sperm extracted on Friday as well and then we will have to wait to see what has happened in the petrie dishes over the weekend.

We left the clinic feeling very positive and relieved. I had a blood test at a nearby laboratory and then it was back to work.


  1. I'm sitting at work quietly cheering... Yay to the follicle count and fingers crossed for the next step on Wednesday and then Friday!

    Take care,

    1. Woot! I'm pretty happy today. And my blood test results show that my hormone levels are rising nicely, so all seems well.