03 September 2013

A grumpy patient

I realise that I could be accused of being over-emotional or even irrational during this process. But I just want to feel confident that things will go right!

Yesterday afternoon, after I returned home from the scan and blood test appointment, I noticed that I'd received a text message from the clinic. It said:
Dear A, Levels rising well. Confirming plan for scan Wed 8.40am and blood test. Cont all drugs same. Call the clinic if you need more drugs. Txt back yes to confirm rcvd asap.
It was great to know that my hormone levels were rising just as they should - but I really didn't want to receive this information by text! I had told the clinic before that I didn't want to receive results this way. So I rang the clinic and asked again that all contact be through my home landline. I explained that I don't always have my cellphone with me and that I really didn't want to miss important information. The receptionist, T, was understanding as always and put a note on my file to that effect.

Bright and early this morning, just after 8.00am, the phone rang (my landline, not my cellphone). It was Nurse E, who asked whether I'd had an Orgalutran injection last night. I replied that, yes, I had, and she expressed relief and explained that Nurse K, whom we'd seen yesterday, was worried that she hadn't gone through the drug regime for the next few days with us and that we might've stopped the Orgalutran. I said that Nurse K had given us two more Orgalutran syringes for last night and tonight. I was wondering whether this hadn't been noted on our file. But she replied that, yes, it had been noted, but she'd been worried nonetheless. It was all a bit confusing.

After the call, I remembered the text of yesterday and I was sure it'd said something about continuing the injections as normal, so I found my cellphone to have a look. As well as confirming what the text said, I also noted that I'd missed a call at 8.00am from a private number. Nurse E had called my cellphone before she'd tried my landline and I'd not noticed it. So I have rung the clinic once again and have asked that my cellphone number be removed from my records. I really don't want to receive negative results via text and I also don't want to miss any important calls, so that seems the safest course.

By the way, I work from home and I sit next to my landline all day and it is very rare that I receive any calls on my cellphone. It is most often at the bottom of my handbag and is sometimes even left in the car. Perhaps I should enter the 21st century and glue my cellphone to my ear, but I don't feel that I should have to when I am easy to contact in other ways. Even email would be preferable.

Is this all a big fuss over nothing? Probably. Am I transferring my worries and fears about this IVF cycle to small issues that really don't matter? Of course. And really, I am glad that Nurse K didn't ignore her concerns and asked a colleague to check. But I just want to feel like things are going to go as smoothly as possible, regardless of the final result.


  1. You are NOT being grumpy or over-emotional! You are asking a professional service to contact you in a certain way... a way that feels safe and controllable for you within a process that feels so out of your control... I'd be more surprised if you didn't react! I know I'd be a nervous wreck with that sort of uncertainty...

    Yes, you're anxious about it all because you want this so much... That makes sense... Now, take a deep breath and go as gently on yourself as you can.

    Take care,

  2. Ohhhh... I sound rather grumpy in that comment... I wasn't meaning too, gently stern with loads of caring and compassion was more my aim!

    Please take care... sending positive thoughts and hugs your way...

  3. Thank you - and most of all for acknowledging my feelings. I really don't want to act like a spoiled brat and I am grateful for all the skill and technology that is available to us, but you are right to say that the uncertainty doesn't help. I have taken the morning off to play some mindless computer games. Now much more relaxed and ready for work. Thank you again for caring!