18 September 2013


This time, D and I have found the two-week wait to be agonising. We are both trying not to think about it, but in around 48 hours we will know the result of this IVF cycle. I really feel like the rest of our lives are hanging on that phone call. If it's positive, we'll be in a confused state of absolute joy and trepidation, hoping that this time the pregnancy will last and we will become a family of three. If it's negative, we are going to have a whole heap of emotions and issues to work through before, hopefully, we come to terms with our childless state and embark on a new life plan. I am beginning to feel like I just don't want to know!


  1. I was wondering how you were both doing... This is all such tough stuff, that all I can think of is "take a deep breath and focus on the next step"... Thing is, that is much easier said than done!

    I can understand why you don't want to know...

    I'm thinking of you both and sending positive thoughts.
    Take care,