04 September 2013

Trigger time

This afternoon Nurse K called me with the instructions for the next couple of days. I am to have the trigger injection at 10.45pm tonight (in about half an hour). Tomorrow - yay - there will be no injections, scans or tests. On Friday, I can't have anything to eat or drink after 6.00am and we are to be at the clinic for the egg collection by 10.00am. I need to take three paracetamol tablets before we go, just to help with any pain. I vaguely remember that last time I was pretty out of it but it did get a bit sore during the procedure. D is also going to have some paracetamol before his sperm collection, which will happen while I am in the recovery room. He found it pretty uncomfortable last time, but it seems to depend on which doctor he has (the collection is done with a needle, not the old-fashioned way!). I can't wear any perfume because apparently this can have an adverse effect on the eggs and I need to remember to take a pad with me for any spotting afterwards.

I wrote all of this down very diligently while I was lying in bed. I woke this morning with quite a sore throat, so I spent a few hours resting this afternoon with a book. I'm not feeling too bad and I hope it doesn't turn into a full-blown cold. Nurse K said that they would go ahead with the egg collection even if I am sick, but it could be a problem if I have a fever when it's time to transfer the embryos early next week. So I'm also going to make sure to "keep my fluids up", as the nurses say, and I will take a day off tomorrow if I'm not feeling great. Better safe than sorry.

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  1. Lots of rest and keep warm...
    I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow, and sending positive thoughts your way...
    Take care,