13 September 2014

Catching up

Oops - I haven't been very good at updating lately. Last Tuesday we went to the clinic for our drug education. There was nothing new, but it was good to have the reminder. We left clutching our green cooler bag full of interesting stuff and then I went to the pharmacy with a prescription for even more medication.

This cycle we are trying the 'Colorado protocol', which involves using aspirin (though I'm using a substitute because I'm allergic), prednisone (a steroid), Augmentin (an antibiotic) and Progynova (extra oestrogen). I will take these around the time of embryo transfer and they may help. My earlier tests showed that I may be susceptible to an autoimmune problem, so I have also been prescribed Heparin - more injections! Our fridge is now full of boxes of syringes, pills and potions.

Day 1 (my period) arrived on Thursday, so I rang the clinic to let them know and we started the stimulant, Gonal F, last night. The injection went smoothly and D has lost none of his skill! It didn't hurt a bit. We will start the antagonist, Orgalutran, on Tuesday morning. I will have a scan next Thursday morning to see how I am responding - hopefully there will be lots of large follicles!

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