18 September 2014


Bright and early this morning we went to the clinic for my first scan. We saw a different doctor this time, Dr M. There was no mucking around! We were ushered into a room and I undressed in an alcove and then the doctor performed the scan. Dr M was on his own with no nurse, so D had to write down the measurements

But the scan itself was fine and completely painless. It showed five follicles on each side, all of them a good size, ranging up to 18mm in diameter. I was happy with that, even if my response to the drugs hasn't been as great as I expected. Dr M decided that I don't need to have another scan. I will have the trigger injection on Saturday evening and egg collection will be on Monday.

This is another difference we have noticed. Our former clinic performed more scans and blood tests before deciding when egg collection would happen. We can only hope that the follicles continue to grow and are ready for the procedure on Monday as expected.

After the scan, I had to go and have a blood test. Unfortunately this had been arranged at a lab not far from the clinic in the middle of the central business district. We are new to the city and it was quite nerve-wracking driving the narrow, busy streets, looking for a parking space and then trying to find the right address. We got lost and I called the clinic for directions. Next time I will ask that our blood tests are done at the lab closer to our home.

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